Cost & Services

Why should I join
PrimaCare Direct?

Our pricing is simple and affordable.
There are never any deductibles, copays or surprise bills.



Families 2-4


Families 5+




What is included with my
PrimaCare Direct Membership?


Infant & Well Child Checkups

Comprehensive Annual Physical & Wellness Plan

School, Sports & Workplace Physicals

Acute Care

Adult Office Visits

Urinary Tract Infections

Pediatric Office Visits

Treatment of Sprains

Do I need mayor medical insurance
if I have a PrimaCare Direct Membership?

Yes. PrimaCare Direct covers the majority of routine medical care, but it will not cover all medical needs. The chart below shows examples of plan usage.

PrimaCare DirectMajor Medical
Annual physicalCancer treatment
Treatment of a sprainSurgery to reset a bone after a major break
Asthma education and treatmentSevere asthma attack requiring the ER
Women’s annual wellness examChildbirth
Treatment of hypertensionHeart attack